Visualize this.  

A close personal friend of yours’s dies and the family asks you to do the lead eulogy.  The standard fare for this kind of event is to praise the deceased, his ethics, morals and even tout his years of selfless service to the community.  It’s all about the deceased and designed to help the family sleep better that night.  But…YOU take the pulpit and immediately start bitching about the potholes on the street of the family home and blame personally the city council person in his precinct for all of this.  You just can’t help yourself because lately your opportunities to be centre stage again are rare and the whole “public admiration thing” starts getting good to you.  Really good.

No one is making you shut up so you aim your sites on the congressman from his district, maybe even the dog-catcher and their political affiliations -obviously not yours and before you know it you’ve eulogized for 29 minutes, slammed the President of the United States and said almost nothing about your good and great friend….the deceased.  That deed on the Eulogist's part was deplorable -the kind of “deplorable” that Hillary talked about and it was perpetrated and exhibited by the sad former President Barry Obama at the funeral of the late Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.).  

Talking well about Representative Lewis really wasn’t on this agenda.  He talked restoration of the Voting Rights Act, an end to gerrymandering and the possible end of the practice of Senate filibusters plus statehood for D.C. and Puerto Rico an “obvious good for democrats” kind of a statement.  No wonder he got applause and many standing ovations.  At the nationally broadcasted eulogy for a noted and distinguished stateman and leader in racial equality, poor Representative Lewis didn’t even get to take center stage.  

No one claps or stands at a solemn event like a eulogy.  Nice work Barry, you managed to impress yourself…. sorry Representative Lewis.  

Rest in Peace Sir, rest in peace.


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